The UFA Library Resource Centre is open before school, at lunch and nut break, and after school for students to study, research, meet in groups to work on projects, and to read. Physical Space and Resources:

  • A full computer lab for use by whole classes and individual students before school, during nutrition break, lunch and after school, as well as for students on study periods.
  • Large collection of fiction and non-fiction for academic use and recreational reading.

Virtual Library Doing Research? We have great books to help you. Use the Library Catalogue on the Virtual Library page to find any physical resource in the library.  In addition, through the TDSB we have access to a huge range of on-line data bases, e-books and encyclopedias, and more.  These are all accessible from home too!  Access the virtual library through Academic Workspace (AW) and see a librarian or take a Learnmark from the circulation desk with user names and passwords for all of the on-line resources.

Virtual Library

Printing & Photocopying The library offers black and white, colour, and double sided printing.  Printing in black and white is free. The cost for colour printing is $.25 per page (cost recovery model).  Photocopies cost $.10 per page.