As educators, coaches, and activity leaders, we know that for all students the successful completion of their education has the highest priority, but we also feel that there are many valuable experiences in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are an excellent opportunity for students to supplement their educational experience and improve learning. The UFA Academic Eligibility Policy is designed to assist students in maintaining an academic focus while participating in activities outside the classroom. The purpose of this policy is to give all students an opportunity to participate. For this reason, any student deemed ineligible will have the right to appeal. Through this process, every attempt will be made to assist the student in meeting the goals needed to become and remain eligible. Students who miss classes because of school events have a responsibility to tell their teachers in a timely manner and must make arrangements for make-up tests or assignment deadlines as outlined in our Assessment and Evaluation Policy. Policy: In order to participate in the co-curricular activities at Ursula Franklin Academy, a student must:

  • Attend classes regularly and punctually. Students must be in attendance in each class, until such time as they are dismissed, on the day of a competition or event.
  • Meet all course requirements, such as assignments, presentations, and tests. The student must inform teachers prior to each absence and be responsible for all the work covered and assignments given during each absence.
  • Have passed all courses on the most recent report card. Under exceptional circumstances this condition can be appealed. Students are encouraged to speak with their coach or staff supervisor for more information about this procedure.
  • Represent the school and the community in a positive manner. The student must follow the school’s and TDSB’s Code of Conduct.

There will be a review of eligibility for co-curricular activities if academic success is in jeopardy. If it is deemed to be in his/her best academic interest, a student will be withdrawn from co-curricular activities until such time as the student has met the academic expectations of UFA. It is highly recommended that students only participate in one major co-curricular activity at a time (i.e. Model UN OR Volleyball – not both). Staff Advisor: The staff advisor must submit a list of students after the information and sign up meeting to the Vice-Principal before the start of the event. Appeal:  Any student who is deemed ineligible because of the above criteria has an opportunity for an appeal. At the appeal, the student will need to be represented by the staff advisor or a parent/guardian. The student will need to bring a completed appeal form to the meeting, which they can get from their staff advisor. Appeal Committee: The committee will be made up of at least, but not limited to:

  • 1 administrator
  • 2 chairs of Academic Eligibility Committee
  • 2 student representatives (student advocate; president of FAA or designate, etc.)

The student will be notified of the committee members prior to the appeal meeting. Teachers who are concerned about a student will first speak to the staff advisor, and then bring the issue to the committee if the situation persists. As always, any concerns about a student should be communicated to the parent/guardian. The committee may convene and meet with the student to address concerns that a staff member may have about his/her continuation in an activity. For the fall, a progress report from teachers will be used to evaluate eligibility. For the remainder of the year, the most recent report card will be used. Note: Academic eligibility will not result in an automatic position on the co-curricular activity/club/team. Athletic Policies Commitment to Practice and Participate for a Full Season

  • It is the expectation that a student who earns a place on an Ursula Franklin Academy athletic team commits to participate through the entire season (including City Championships, and OFSAA). Full participation includes attending scheduled practices and competitions.
  • A student-athlete who quits a team will be subject to a school-based participation sanction. A student who is removed from a team as a result of not fulfilling their commitment (i.e. not attending practices or competitions) will be subject to a school-based participation sanction. Exceptional circumstances requiring a student to leave a team prior to the end of the season should be discussed with the coach or athletics leader. Such exceptional circumstances may exempt the student from sanction.
  • Student-athletes under sanction will not be permitted to participate in the next athletic season they typically would participate.


  1. A student-athlete competing on the soccer team in the fall decides to quit the team before the completion of the season. This student normally participates on the school Basketball team during the winter season. Under sanction, the student-athlete would not be permitted to participate on the Basketball team, or any other winter sport.
  2. A student-athlete competing on the school’s volleyball team during the winter season repeatedly misses practices and as a result is removed from the team. Typically, this student-athlete’s next sport would be Cross-Country in the fall. Under sanction, the student-athlete would not be permitted to participate on the Cross-Country team, or any other fall sport.
  3. A student-athlete competing on the school’s Ultimate team during the spring season decides to quit before the completion of the season. Ultimate is the only school sport this student-athlete competes in. Under sanction, the student-athlete would not be permitted to participate on the Ultimate team the following year, or any other spring sport.
  • Sanctions may be appealed for extraordinary circumstances.
  • The athletics leader will determine season of sanction for Grade 9 students.
  • Student-athletes and parents will sign an acknowledgement of their full commitment to participate on a school team, or face sanction, along with the Try-out/Participation form at the start of the season.

Number of Sports per Season:

  • Ursula Franklin Academy student-athletes are permitted to compete on one school team per season (fall, winter, spring).
  • Exceptions are limited to Dragon Boating which is not considered a TDSSAA sanctioned sport.
  • A student who has tried out and made a team is expected to honour their commitment to the team. As such, students are not permitted to quit a team to join another.

Playing in an Older Division

  • Student-Athletes are expected to play within their appropriate age group for which a team is fielded (i.e. Bantam/Midget, Junior, or Senior).
  • Exceptional circumstances may be appealed to the athletics leader.


  • Participation and achievement awards will be honoured annually at the Athletic Banquet.
  • All student-athletes will earn points toward a Silver (75-114), Gold (115-199) or Platinum (200+) Award for: participation on school teams, intramurals, and the Franklin Athletic Association (FAA); and/or for managing or coaching a team.
  • Individual student-athlete may be awarded a Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player.
  • Other special recognition awards include Junior Male and Female Athletes of the Year (Grade 9 & 10); Senior Male and Female Athletes of the Year (Grade 11 & 12); the FAA President’s Cup; and the Joe Faria Sportsmanship Award.