General Information regarding Ursula Franklin Academy

Ursula Franklin Academy (UFA) is a small specialized high school in the Toronto District School Board.  The school is capped at 500 students, by design.  Our social justice roots and school values inform our decision making.  Students and teachers work together on a first-name basis to help deconstruct hierarchical structures. Unlike most high schools in the Toronto District School Board, UFA does not have an in-area residential catchment.  All enrolment is determined through a centralized admissions process.  A lottery, if necessary, will be held to determine the successful applicants. 

Ursula Franklin Academy has a focus or specialization in the following areas:

  • Wednesday Enrichment Program
  • Math and Science Programming
  • Social Justice
  • Integrated Technology

Ursula Franklin Academy is not an alternative school.  Our curriculum is delivered following the Ontario Provincial Curriculum. The academic program at Ursula Franklin Academy is rigorous due to the pace at the school.  Students attend regular classes (non-semester format) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only.  On Wednesdays, students participate in our Wednesday Enrichment Program.  Regular class days are longer, and student-teacher contacts occur only twice per week.  UFA students are self-starters, are able to work independently, routinely complete homework and assignments, prepare for evaluations, take initiative and are able to work collaboratively.  Students interested in studying at UFA must have a solid Grade 7 and Grade 8 background to be ready for the rigor and pace of UFA.  All applicants must submit a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Optional Attendance Form.  Admission numbers vary every year.  In Grade 9 we typically offer admission to 120 students.  On occasion this is adjusted to 150 students to maintain our overall school size of 500.  Offers of Admission in Grades 10, 11, and 12 are dependent on spaces that open up due to students leaving us.  Typically there are at least two places per grade each year.

Who can apply for Optional Attendance at UFA? 
The admission guidelines at UFA are in alignment with TDSB Optional Attendance Policy: Operational Procedure 545 regarding Specialized Schools and Programs:

*Where schools or sections of schools are Board-authorized to provide specialized programs, access to such schools and/or programs will be open to students who are residents of the City of Toronto and eligible to attend subject to the guidelines outlined below:

2.1. Students will be selected for admission subject to the students meeting the required admission criteria of such schools and programs.

2.2. Parents/guardians, on behalf of their children, or students who are 18 years of age or older may apply to a maximum of two specialized schools/programs for optional attendance.

2.3. If more students meet the criteria than there are spaces available, students will be admitted based on a lottery.

2.4. Where identical programs are offered at several locations standardized criteria will exist to select students.

2.5. Admission criteria for specialized programs that are school initiated will be developed by the school and approved by the Superintendent of Education. The TDSB will develop admission criteria for specialized schools or programs initiated by the TDSB.

2.6. Offers of admission and acceptance adhere to established timelines and deadlines as specified by the Optional Attendance Policy.

2.7. No transportation will be provided.

UFA’s Values and Policies

The student and parent/guardian must agree to be full participants in the school community including the Grade 9 Retreat, our school values, Wednesday Enrichment Program, school-wide conferences and the UFA Uniform Policy.

Sibling Rule
Due to the specialized designation of Ursula Franklin Academy, the Optional Attendance Sibling Rule does not apply for UFA applicants. All successful applicants will be placed in the lottery to ensure equal opportunity for admission.


Online UFA Application Form
All applicants must complete the Secondary Centralized Programs Online Application.  Information will be available in the Fall.

*If the number of students who are eligible to attend UFA exceeds the number of spaces available in any given year, all eligible students will be placed in a pool for a random draw (lottery).

At Ursula Franklin Academy, a school focused on social justice, we are committed to ensuring that fairness, equity, and inclusion are essential principles of our school community and are integrated into our registration process, programs, operations, and practices. Ursula Franklin Academy follows the Equitable Policy practices as outlined on the TDSB website.

As part of the Board’s strategic efforts and commitments to advance equity and inclusion, and ensure non-board discrimination, Ursula Franklin Academy encourages applications from families that represent the full diversity of communities in Toronto. Our admission policy allows for priority entry for members of diverse communities and for offers to be made to proportionally represent a diversity of Indigenous and racial identities,  gender identity and expression. Our offers to members of diverse communities will comprise a minimum of 15%. This year we will be targeting a grade 9 class of 150 students and will be making offers commensurate with that target.