School Address

146 Glendonwynne Road
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 3J7

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Main Office
Phone:(416) 393-0430
Fax:(416) 393-0970
Principal:Cherilyn Scobie Edwards
( Vice Principal:Barbara Wagner-Heim
Faculty:Complete master list of faculty
Faculty Contact Information
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Cherilyn Scobie Edwards
Barbara Wagner-Heim
Vice Principal
Estela Borges
Office Administrator
Joe-Anne Arsenault
Office Staff
Carl Bremner
Office Staff
Danielle Farmer
Child & Youth Worker
Richard Tyrell
School Based Safety Monitor
Aivars Tannis
Ali Callegarini
Guidance (Surnames M-Z)
Andrea Popa
Careers, Visual Arts
Cameron Jefferies
Geography, Physical Education
Carolyn Boot
Computer Science, Math
Chio Gray
History, Law
Greg Saylor
Heather Strupat
Guidance (Surnames A-L), Physical Education
Hillel Heinstein
Special Education
Howard Buckstein
Math, Science
Jacqueline Currie
Biology, Science
Jeffrey Tebbens
Physics, Science
Lindsey Marshall
Biology, Kinesiology, Social Science
Lisa Haidle
Biology, Chemistry, Math
Matt De Korte
Crimes Against Humanity, English, Philosophy
Mia Kim
English, Library
Monica Marques
Oriana Muzzin
Randy Smith
English, French, Physical Education
Seth Bernstein
Digital Music, Social Science
Shafana Dadhich
English, Gender Studies
Shanna Howson
Careers, Civics, Geography
Sharleen Fisher
Business Technology, Computer Studies
Sheila Mooney
English, Library
Tony Zappitelli
Yasmin Siddiqui
English, History
Yevgeny Yablonovsky
Math, Physics
Yolanda Mak
Civics, Visual Arts