Note: TDSB Homework Policy P.036 Outlines Specific Responsibilities for School Staff, Teachers, Students and Families.  Ursula Franklin Academy follows the TDSB policy.

There is a general agreement among educators that the setting of reasonable amounts of homework can increase the time available for study and review, and also foster independent learning skills and research habits, which will last beyond the school years.  It also allows the whole family to be involved in the learning process.  The following guidelines constitute the policy with respect to homework at Ursula Franklin Academy.

  1. Students, parents and teachers must assume responsibility for a student’s placement in courses, or excessive time spent on homework may result. Parents should provide their child with a quiet place to study and complete their homework.  Parents should encourage their child to complete their work, and help them to develop proper study habits in the home.
  2. In choosing courses, students must include time for homework in their schedules. In grades 9 and 10, students should plan for 1-2 hours of homework per night.  In subsequent years, students should plan for 2-3 hours of homework per night.
  3. Students must balance homework time to integrate short-term assignments, long-term assignments and studying for tests.
  4. Studying regularly is also considered homework. Homework should be limited prior to major tests and examination/evaluation days to allow for review.
  5. Teachers should provide classroom time for students to begin homework assignments whenever possible.
  6. Students should understand the rationale, relevant outcomes and evaluation criteria for homework assignments. In most cases, homework should be taken up (or addressed in some manner) in class.  The completion of homework may be checked by the classroom teacher.
  7. Assignments should be flexible and take into consideration different learning styles. Homework will be used to develop and promote attitudes, skills and knowledge of course material and to complete the relevant learning outcomes.