Original School Site ~ Ursula Franklin Academy ~ 90 Croatia Street, Toronto, Ontario

Ursula Franklin Academy began as a dream in the early 1990s.  Trustees of the former Toronto Board of Education looked with excitement at the possibility of re-opening a school in the west end of Toronto with a special mission and unique character.  Myrna Mather, the founding Principal, spent a preliminary year with a planning team of curriculum experts, researching the literature and meeting with progressive educators from across Ontario and further abroad.  A significant influence on the founding vision was Dr. Ursula Franklin herself, whose insight and wisdom inspired all who were drawn to the task. The school opened at 90 Croatia Street, Toronto in September 1995 with approximately 200 Grade 9 students and 23 staff members.

Message from Dr. Ursula Franklin At the Opening Ceremony, October 24, 1995

“Here are the three wishes that I have for the new academy: First of all, I hope that the school will be an exciting place of learning, where students will discover the joys and challenges of gaining knowledge and understanding. Then, I hope that the school will become a place for building lasting friendships among students, parents  and teachers. And, finally, I hope that the endeavours being made in the school to build knowledge and understanding will extend out into the broader community and that the community, in turn, will enrich and support the goals and dreams of the school.” Dr. Ursula Franklin, 1995

Today, the Academy’s enrolment is capped at 500 and has moved to its new home at 146 Glendonwynne Road.  Strong leadership, a devoted staff, very committed and supportive parents, and a wonderful student body have produced a solid Community of Learners. In just fourteen years, this community has created a broad spectrum of innovative learning experiences and, already, some great memories. In 1999, Industry Canada, on the advice of the Canadian Association of School Administrators, designated Ursula Franklin Academy as one of 24 pioneer members of Canada’s Network of Innovative Schools (NIS). The NIS has grown to 150 schools across the country.  UFA continues to provide leadership in the creative use of information and communications technology to enhance learning and build a community. During the 2015-2016 school year Ursula Franklin Academy celebrated the school’s 20th Anniversary.  Alumni, students, faculty (past and present), Dr. Ursula Franklin, and founding teachers all gathered to reinforce friendship, community, and shared appreciation for the outstanding school of learning and leadership that Ursula Franklin Academy has developed into.